Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Iraqi Association for Political Psychology

The Iraqi Association for Political Psychology 
An Iraqi non-governmental organization (NGO)
Founded in Baghdad, July 2017

Founding board:
Dr. Faris K. Nadhmi
Dr. Jassim M. Aidi
Dr. Luai K. Ghabr

Dr. Faris K. Nadhmi

The association's vision

The Iraqi Association for Political Psychology is a civil society organization concerned with promoting reforms in Iraqi society through enhancing social psychological knowledge. The association believes that scientific psychological knowledge can be employed to transcend political, religious, ethnic, class, and/or geographical cleavages, with the goal of reforming Iraq's psycho-political structure. This organization devotes all the possibilities of thoughts and practice to achieve its adopted vision:
«To create a humanitarian political culture which promotes the dignity of society and the rationality of the state.»

Working methods and procedures
·  The IAPP will conduct surveys and theoretical studies to diagnose psycho-social phenomena which result from the interactive relationship between society and politics, such as the performance of voters and candidates in national asnd provincial elections, the dynamics of socio-political protest, the drivers and motivations fostering social and political violence, the formation of political attitudes, and the means of enhancing social awareness of democracy and the principles of citizenship.

·      The association will hold, and participate in, conferences, seminars, workshops, courses and lectures at the local and international levels.

·    The IAPP will cooperate and coordinate with scientific societies and entities  inside and outside Iraq, in order to promote the theoretical and practical skills of the specialists working in the field of political psychology.

·    The association will implement non-profit projects with state institutions, civil society organizations, scientific centers, and academic departments in relevant universities, conduct workshops and studies, and provide consultations on  phenomena related to the interaction of psychological and political factors.

·     The IAPP will issue documentary periodicals, and participating in the print, audio and visual media, with the goal of strengthening the understanding of the social and psychological dimensions of political behavior.

·     The IAPP will establish academic units (schools, research institutes, faculties, universities) specialized in political psychology and its cognitive approaches.

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